Staff Application for Desire

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Staff Application for Desire

Post by Desire on Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:45 pm

First Name: Thomas
Age: 14
Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Position you're applying for: Admin
Steam name: Desire/ TommyTibbles <<<< Made when I was 11.
When did you join this server: Late night friday I believe.
How long can you play daily (non-afk hours): 1-4
Have you been staff on another server before: Yes, I have been staff on multiple servers. Mainly those servers are dark RP.
Are you staff on another server right now: Yes, I'm owner of a dark RP server. I'm also a moderator on nano nuclear ( a darkRP )
Do you have a working mic: Yes, I have a working mic.
Are you friends with any staff or do they know you if so who: i'm friends with big shitty. I know Batman and thesaurus but i'm not sure if they consider me their friend.
If a mic spammer where to come on what would you do: If a mic spammer comes on, I would gag them.
If someone rdms someone what would you do?: I would slay them and if they continue to RDM, I would then kick them.
If someone mass rdms someone what would you do?: I would slay them twice as a warning, if they continue I would kick/ban them depending on how serious the RDM was.
What would you do if you saw another staff member abusing there powers: I would record it and send it to the owner of the server. I'm almost always recording gameplay, So BEWARE.
Why do you deserve this spot: I think that I deserve this moderator spot because i'm always active on servers that are fun and that I like, I also believe I can help the community by being really active and protecting the server from RDMers, mic spammers and anything else that is against the rules. Also I have a lot of experience as a staff member on all sorts of games. I was a owner on a really popular minecraft server which sadly got shut down due to no one donating proper amounts of money. Like I said, I do currently own a darkrp server but that doesn't mean I will not come on your wonderful TTT server. I've been playing garrysmod for a couple years now and I have 1000+ gameplay hours. Please consider me for being apart of the staff team. <3


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