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Post by iGod on Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:11 pm

Below are the rules donor / non - donor admins must follow.
If you decide to disobey them you will be demoted.

Admin Rules:
You may only have god mode when in Admin on duty.
You may only no clip while you are dealing with a case and HAVE to.
You may only delete a players prop if it is prop block and you must notify them first.
You may only pick people up when you are bringing them somewhere to deal with a problem.
You may not Sell or USE the admin gun in public.
You must never teleport to someone for your own gain.
You may not bring people without a warning advert it first.
You must follow all member rules.
You must not cloak unless you need to and are an Admin on duty.
No setting your money using rp_setmoney.
No ranking people up that's my job.
Never set your donor points.
If you give unlegit points to another player you will be demoted.
If you are unsure of a rule don't let them go ask a fellow admin about what to do.
Never give yourself body armor.
Never set your hp to help you in game find a medic.
Never buy doors, have printers, base, or raid as an Admin on duty.
Do not let your friends break the rules.
Never ban a staff member or VIP contact banhammer.

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