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Post by iGod on Sat May 04, 2013 2:49 pm

All benefits from vip
and it also
"ulx ban"
"ulx bring"
"ulx cloak"
"ulx csay"
"ulx freeze"
"ulx gag"
"ulx goto"
"ulx ignite"
"ulx jail"
"ulx kick"
"ulx mute"
"ulx physgunplayer"
"ulx playsound"
"ulx ragdoll"
"ulx reservedslots"
"ulx send"
"ulx slap"
"ulx slay"
"ulx teleport"
"ulx tsay"
"ulx uncloak"
"ulx unfreeze"
"ulx ungag"
"ulx unignite"
"ulx unigniteall"
"ulx unjail"
"ulx unmute"
"ulx unragdoll"
"ulx voteban"
"ulx votekick"
"ulx whip"
No longer need to vote for any jobs
and the ability to use Admin on Duty!

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