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Donations! Empty Donations!

Post by iGod on Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:29 pm

If you would like to donate you can message me on steam [IG] BanHammer or you post below that you would like to donate!.

All donations go toward the costs of the server. With donating you are helping not only the server but all it's players.

All donations are final!

As a donor you can't abuse your powers but, you can have fun with them!

DonorAdmin benefits:
VIP benefits:

Shop Points 100 = 1$ (Can be used to buy vip, donoradmin, admin, perm guns, models, etc.)
Custom Job:
(Can raid, base, and take hits, comes with Unarrest Stick, Any player model of choice, Any job name, 3 guns of choice(no rpg), 100$ Salary) - 15$
1m Cash - 2$

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