Staff Application Format (REQUIRED READ)

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Staff Application Format (REQUIRED READ) Empty Staff Application Format (REQUIRED READ)

Post by iGod on Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:20 pm

You have to use this forum to apply for staff

First Name:
Time Zone:
Position you're applying for:
Steam name:
Steam ID:
When did you join this server:
How long can you play daily (non-afk hours):
Have you been staff on another server before:
Are you staff on another server right now:
Do you have a working mic:
Are you friends with any staff or do they know you if so who:
If a mic spammer where to come on what would you do:
If someone prop killed what would you do?:
If someone prop climbs what would you do?:
If someone rdms someone what would you do?:
What would you do if you saw another staff member abusing there powers:
Why do you deserve this spot:

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