Ecksha's Regular Admin Application

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Ecksha's Regular Admin Application Empty Ecksha's Regular Admin Application

Post by Ecksha on Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:18 pm

First Name: Sebastian

Age: 14

Time Zone: Pacific

Position: Admin

Steam Name: Original-Batman.WayneEnterprise

When did I join this server: Since you first put up your Dark RP server, originally played on your TTT server. :3 (still do sometimes)

How long can I play: I can be on till' 10 pm - 1 am almost everyday.

Are you staff on another server: I am admin on two other servers if you count TTT, and another DarkRP server

Do you have a working mic: Yes, yes I do.

Are you friends with any staff or do they know you if so who: IF I call them friends, I hope they don't get mad because I made a move but; Sarge, Magee, Reaper, Crazy Creature, Lonewolf32/Joker, Baily(not sure if he still is staff), Meowth, Sonny, all the staff that know me but aren't really friends, QNCO, Shining Armor, and William.

If a mic spammer where to come on what would I do: I would ask the player to stop doing what he/she is doing. If the user does stop then I would gag the user until he/she proved they wouldn't do it anymore.

If someone prop killed what would I do: I would kick the person, give a warning via kick, and if the person was to come back and attempt it again then I would promptly ban him/her.

If someone propclimbs what would I do: I would ask the person to stop, and if the user refuses or doesn't comply, then I would ban them shortly after.

If someone RDM's what would I do: If someone was to RDM, I would bring both players to a secluded area, listen to both stories, and warn the RDMer with a  kick for RDM. If RDM continues, more punishment will be brought to the attention of the player.

Another staff abusing power: If it were a staff member within' my powers reach then I would warn them to stop, if the continued to aboose then I would ban them for a short amount of time in which I could ask for assistance, but if they are not in my powers reach then I would simply ask Magee/Banhammer/Evan/IGod/Fantasy whatever you wish to be called at the time or just Owner. :3

Why I deserve this spot: I think I deserve this spot because I have been playing on this server since it first started and I helped you on your TTT server before this Magee and I am a DonorAdmin as of right now and I wish to be able to be a normal admin because I donated to help the server now all I ask of you is to help me grow into a better administration/staff member. Thank You for Reading this Magee


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Ecksha's Regular Admin Application Empty Re: Ecksha's Regular Admin Application

Post by Traitorous One on Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:08 pm

This user deserves this spot i have never seen him abuse or even not enforce the rules he definitely deserves this spot consider him..

Traitorous One

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