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Post by McGuire007x on Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:56 pm

Steam Name: |QIG| McGuire007x
RP Name: Bruce Watson
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:5495512
Banned by: Unknown
How long where you banned: Unknown
Banned for and evidence: I was on the server today, 6/27, around 10:30 PM and somebody says something about being able to give yourself weapons by clicking on your name in the scoreboard.  I did so just to see if it worked, and it did. Many other people were also doing this, as the word spread quickly.  The server was restarted to get things under control.  I thought that they probably disabled it and needed to restart to update the changes.  I tested it, and it still worked.  I then saw a sign just placed by the admin saying if you do so you will be banned.  This was the first warning from the admins.  I didn't want to be banned, so I killed myself to get rid of my weapons and basically said Ok ill stop in the chat.  Then an admin proceeded to strip all my weapons, even though i already got rid of them.  I said something in the chat about not having anything anymore but he didn't listen and proceeded to ban me.  The screen went black when he did, so I didn't get to see the length of it.

Why should we unban you: I honestly liked this server.  Keep in mind that this was the first thing I heard an admin say about it.  If one actually did, it was probably in the chat, and I apologize for missing it but that isn't a very good way to spread a warning of something this serious.  The sign was a good warning because the admin placed it in front of the spawn.  Having seen this warning, I immediately got rid of my stuff, yet I still get banned.  I felt like they just decided to ban anyone who did it even though they just placed the sign because there was so many doing it.  Seriously, I got on and like 10 seconds later, somebody gets banned.  Then somebody else.  But I am sorry for doing it.  But to my defense it really is exciting when you get this much power this quickly.  Anyway, I look forward to playing with the server again.  Thanks for your time.


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