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Qnco ban appeal Empty Qnco ban appeal

Post by qnco on Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:45 pm

Your steam name and rpname:Qnco and Qnco
Banned by: None
How long where you banned: Permanent
Banned for: friends with blood and foxxe it think
Why should we unban you: Im a great admin and dont ban anyone just kick
Evidence that may help you: I was a super admin when the shit was going down and also was in a skype call defending igod because blood is dead set on proving that
igod is a scamer and i got banned by a person who was promoted by a random person who was promoted during the shit storm
I DONT NEED BLOOD OR FOXXE i have my friends from school who still want to play on this server and i like them more than the 2 of them combined so igod please unban me


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