Chief keef ban appeal

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Chief keef ban appeal Empty Chief keef ban appeal

Post by nicjac00 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:14 pm

Your steam name and rpname: Morgan freeman      [THB]Chief keef
Banned by: waffle
How long where you banned: perm
Banned for: "blood said i could so heres a gift to you"
Why should we unban you: i never did anything other than say qnco was abusing,he than procided to abuse jail and mute me and strip me. he than went around to all the admins and ask them if they hate me too. they said yes and it made me kind of sad. than foxxe came and saved the day! he helped me and after they id a server cleanup. i owned the doors first for my clan and than qnco decided to say i abused the cleanup? than foxxe tryed to situate everything, got demoted from admin,and now im banned
Evidence that may help you: ask foxxe , cosmic, minecraft lolz, [TTG[ Hunter they are witnesses


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