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Post by iGod on Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:56 pm

All donations go towards the server cost.
All donations are final.
All donations are permanent meaning you pay one.

The donation prices for TTT are:
Admin - 40$ (Comes with Admin Powers, Rank tag, 400k Points!)
VIP - 20$ (Less commands than admin but still a good amount of commands, Rank tag, 200k Points!)
Custom Rank Tag - 5$ (Any Rank tag you want will shop up in chat and tab menu, comes with ulx tsay, playsound, slap, kick, and votemap)
10K points - 1$ (10,000 Points in f3 shop)

Bundles for both IG servers (DarkRP + TTT (and any other servers we make in the future))
55$ - Admin on both servers
30$ - Vip on both servers

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