MASTERGAMER bad admin false banning

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MASTERGAMER bad admin false banning

Post by Riotsmur on Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:05 am

Mastergamer is an admin on your darkRP servers. I (Riotsmurf) got banned by him for protecting the mayor. I made a custom job called "Escort." The mayor and i were walking around the fountain when someone spawned some guns then the mayor gravity gunned the gun and they started to shoot at him so i protected him and shot gamemaster the one who was shooting the mayor. then he banned me for 4000 minutes "2days" I don't really think he should just be banning people like that. And he is a little kid who bought super admin so he just throws the banhammer around likes its a toy. I wish to be unbanned preferable ASAP and my friend unbanned who is SnoW. who was playing as the mayor. He got banned by Spawning a prop to not get shot at but it spawned near gamemaster who ran into and died. And was basicly considered prop kill. Please remove Gamemasters admin, or tell him to give warnings. He doesn't even warn people and kick just as warning. He banned for 2-10 days or so. Or ban him for admin abuse. What you do to him is non of my consern i just want this little kid to stop.


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