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Staff app! TTT

Post by Big Shitty on Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:59 pm

First Name: Jake
Age: 14
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (I think O.o)
Position you're applying for: Any position available (prefferably Mod Very Happy)
Steam name: Big Shitty is my game name. If you want a link to my profile ask me
When did you join this server: I joined yesterday
How long can you play daily (non-afk hours): Currently 2 hours
Have you been staff on another server before: I have been staff on 4 servers before on darkrp but never on TTT Very Happy
Are you staff on another server right now: Yes I am staff on my friends server
Do you have a working mic: Yes
Are you friends with any staff or do they know you if so who: Yes from what I know so far. The staff seem to be pretty friendly to me and I know them pretty well.
If a mic spammer where to come on what would you do: Give him a warning. If he keeps on doing it... kick
If someone rdms someone what would you do?: Slay them the next round then kick then ban
If someone mass rdms someone what would you do?: kick them then ban
What would you do if you saw another staff member abusing there powers: Contact the server owner
Why do you deserve this spot: I deserve this spot because I try to be as friendly as I can be on the server and I am liked so far by everyone that joined Smile. I also deserve this spot because I know what I'm doing within the server Very Happy

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