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Post by [Beta]Banana on Fri May 31, 2013 7:45 pm

First Name: Kolton
Age: 16
Time Zone: EST
Position you're applying for: 'Admin'
Steam name: [Beta]Banana
When did you join this server: 1 month ago starting June 1
How long can you play daily (non-afk hours): 3:30-10:30 on weekdays, all day on Weekends (and summer)
Have you been staff on another server before: Yes, ByB ranked #1 on the Gmod list of most played servers
Are you staff on another server right now: Yes, IG (#1 to me)
Do you have a working mic: Yes, of course.
Are you friends with any staff or do they know you if so who: Yes, Reaper, Crazy, Ecksha, Joker, and iGod. (I think)
If a mic spammer where to come on what would you do: Give a warning, if the spammer continues, gag, ungag after 5 minutes.
If someone prop killed what would you do?: Warn them, if he/she continues to prop kill, ban them for a day and give them a second chance
If someone prop climbs what would you do?: Warn them, if he/she continues to climb, slay and warn again, if still continues, kick
If someone rdms someone what would you do?: Get both sides of the story, check the logs to make sure no false accusations were performed and act accordingly.
What would you do if you saw another staff member abusing there powers: Report that abuse immediately on the forums with evidence.
Why do you deserve this spot: I have been a mod on IG for a month starting tomorrow, I think I'm ready for this spot because I act accordingly and I get the task at hand done, I've seen 2 people now get Admin just because they donated and acted well on the server, I want to earn admin so I can prove my worth, I've had every staff member tell me I would make a great admin, all I needed to do was apply again and that's exactly why I am here, to show to you that I have proven myself worthy of the 'admin' position. There is nothing I want more than for this server to prosper and get many more players, but with more players, comes a greater responsibility and I believe I am ready to who you what I can do.

P.S. Please read this, I know I have applied, and pestered you many times before, but this will be my last attempt to gain your trust, I'm not saying I will quit the server, I'm saying I will just stop trying so hard to get something that you don't want me to have if that's the case.

Thank you for your time and patience,


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Post by L0new0lf32 on Fri May 31, 2013 7:49 pm

Support, as I said he's a great player, follows rules, and enforces them with a passion. Would make a great admin.


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