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Report On Sarge

Post by Williamsweg on Wed May 22, 2013 7:41 pm

Your ingame name:[GMSC] William
Name of offender:Sarge
SteamID of offender(If possible):STEAM_0:0:45623150
Describe EXACTLY what happened:I became a hitman got a hit on a player for 500$, I found the player who had a hit out on him so I tried to kill him than Sarge slayed me saying he was talking to me and the hit can wait at which point the hit failed.
Please show proof of what happened (If you have none, don't bother posting!):
You were slayed by Sarge
(FAdmin) Sarge (STEAM_0:0:45623150) Slayed [GMSC] William
[GMSC] William suicided!
(OOC) [GMSC] William: Lol, an admin who really loves his job
(OOC) Sarge: who were rdming
[Advert] [GMSC] William: Hit failed
(OOC) Sarge: you were
(OOC) Sarge: I was there for a reason, now
(OOC) [GMSC] William: It was a hit, feel stupid
(OOC) Sarge: I dont care he was talking to me
(OOC) Sarge: the hit can wait
(OOC) [GMSC] William: Umm, no you can use /pm if you really want to talk to him


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